Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What Kind of Friend Am I

It's me again Margaret! Lol! Some of you will get that. The ones that do I'll know how old you are! =)

There was no post yesterday because I had severe neck pain. Today, it is a little better so I'm trying to get one out for you. My computer is not what else is new. Lol. 

Anyway, just to let you know I've started drinking water again. I have a water bottle (BPA free, of course) that holds 16 ounces and I drank 1 today. I know, I know, that's kinda wimpy, but you see, I reeeeally hate drinking water.

I want to work toward drinking 4 bottles a day. A neat way to keep up with this is to put 4 hair elastics around the bottom of your water bottle and each time you finish a full bottle move one of the elastics up (yes, I have to resort to such things because of a terrible memory). Anyway, this shows me how many I have left to go. Slick, huh. =)

You know, I just realized I haven't been out of the house in a little over a week! Not even to the mailbox. No wonder I have cabin fever! Not that I could get out anyway with all this snow and ice still on the roads, but I really don't know where I would go if I could get out. I really need to make some friends! Actually, I've had friends, but I have lost contact because of my health problems. It wasn't all their fault, it was partly mine. 

There have been a lot of special people in my life in the past and I have lost touch with them and that saddens me. This year I need to change that. And more than ever I have a great desire to make new, godly women friends. Here is a list of what my dream girl (LOL) would be: 

  • The kind that will call you when you're sick to say, "I'm praying for there anything you need?" and mean it. 
  • The kind that are so in tune with God that they say the right things at the right time. As a matter of fact, they always say "right" things.
  • The kind that notice your sad face, not just what you're wearing.
  • The kind who see your heart, not your lack of flashy jewelry.
  • The kind who see your worth to the body of Christ, not your hairstyle.
  • The kind who are sorrowful if they think they've hurt your feelings...or the feelings of anyone else.
  • The kind who "have your back", not stabbing you in it.
  • The kind you can confide in with "NO fear" of doing so.
  • The kind who talk to you, not about you.
  • The kind who encourages you, not criticizes you.
  • The kind who have a beauty that does not fade with age...a beauty that comes from walking daily with God, being washed in His Word.
  • The kind who have a quite confidence (because of her Lord) and are not loud, and boisterous, and bossy.
  • The kind who wants power...God's power. Because they know they are weak without Him.
  • The kind who does nothing for show, but serves humbly because Christ laid down His life for her.
  • The kind who glows, not because of Bare Minerals, but because she has just spent time with Jesus.

I think these are some wonderful qualities in a Christian woman, don't you? But,I not only want this kind of friend, I want to be this kind of friend. I want to have these qualities in ME! This kind of woman can make friends anywhere. People will never forget this kind of woman for they will in some way be a better person for knowing her.

I don't think these are lofty expectations. We can do and be anything through Christ. When he lives inside there SHOULD be something different about us...something supernatural. We ARE talking about the God of the universes here! Because He lives in our heart it will show through and it usually shows first in how we treat matter how different from us they may seem.

People see a difference in a woman who walks with God and they see that she is not like everyone else. She is different, not in an arrogant way, but in a way that points to Christ as the source. It is Christ who has made the difference in her.

The sad part is, I have sometimes found more women in the world with some of these qualities than women in the church. Friends this should not be! Satan is in attack mode because he knows his days are numbered. He knows the signs just as we do...actually, he knows them better. He knows his fate and he is working frantically to take down as many  of us as possible. It's time we stood together! Satan can alienate and defeat an isolated Christian, but he cannot defeat us when we lock arm in arm and march forward...TOGETHER.

We can do this! We just have to take our eyes off "self" and start looking at the woman beside us. Is she stumbling? Is she starting to stray? Has she weakened in her resolve? Is she growing weary due to the stresses of life? God forbid, maybe she's lost! 

Maybe we should look at ourselves and say, "Is it me Lord? Am I hurting the cause of Christ?" Were it not for the grace of God, it could be us who is the next to fall.  Satan is throwing his fiery darts and we never know which direction they will come from. If God needs to teach us a lesson He may allow us to be hit and take a tumble to wake us up and get us back in the battle.

You know, I am a princess because my Father is the King of kings. It has nothing to do with what I did or who I am. But, being able to call myself a warrior has everything to do with me. I'm either in the fight against satan or I'm being used by him to further his cause. There is no middle ground. I'm either in the fight or I'm in the way.

Ever since I was a little girl and even when I was in the Marine Corps I always wanted to be on the winning side. I wanted to be with "the best of the best". Like I've been known to say, "My Fathers a King. I fight in his army. And what keeps me fighting is this - I've read the back of the book and we win!!

Wow! Where did all this come from? I suppose from my desire to be a better Christian, a better woman, a better friend. I have finally told you one of my other resolutions for 2011. I don't want to change just the outside of me, but the inside as well. God looks on the heart. What does He see in mine? What does He see in yours?

I believe He is coming again and I want to live like I believe! Until later my dear friends...

May God bless you today over and above what you are able to receive! 

In His Service, 

The Princess Warrior

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