Friday, July 8, 2011

It is better to Trust in the LORD than to Put Confidence in Man

Facebook Friend: Just making a general statement--if you want to comment feel free to do so. I read Ayn Rand years ago and then again a couple years ago. I remarked to another Christian that I thought she was right in many of her theories--as you may or may not know Rand was an atheist-------the other person said "How could you agree with an atheist?" My response was " whether Ayn Rand knew it or not, her intelligence came from God"--(Paul said, those that don't work, don't eat)--(this is not the exact quote)
The Princess Warrior: God is not the only source of knowledge; although He is the ultimate source of ALL knowledge…there is also Satan. He is in this world and was once with God. He is more intelligent than any human being that has ever walked the face of this earth. No human being can argue with him or trip him up and according to God’s Word he has the ability to plant thoughts into the human mind. It’s scary, but not all thoughts are our own.

BUT, God inspired holy men to pen His Words so we could have instruction while we live in this present world. The scriptures give us all we need. We can go to the Bible and find out everything we need to know about God. We can learn about His character. We can learn how He feels about things. We can read that He is holy and righteous.

Scripture gives us the ability to discern whether our thoughts are from God or Satan. It gives us the wisdom to handle any circumstance that life may throw at us. It teaches us what ‘not’ to do to save us a lot of heartache and trouble. It gives us the history of the earth so we would know our origin. But, most importantly, it shows us that this is not all there is…that there is a God who loves us, wants to be with us, and has made a way for that to happen. Not only that, He gives us the choice to both accept and love Him and to come under the umbrella of His protection or to do our own thing and make our own way while we’re here.
In regards to Ayn Rand, yes, I agree, her intelligence comes from God. I don’t have any knowledge of her beliefs, but I do know that many philosophers have been influenced, intellectually, by the writings of philosophers that came before them. Some are also influenced by parts of the Bible, but mostly in the sense that they think it a great literary work of art and not to be taken as an actual living letter from the God of this universe.
You know, I do like reading what other people think about things. It can sometimes give me a new insight into a particular subject, but people are not infallible. Only God is incapable of making a mistake. Even science changes and evolves. What was thought to be true 50 years ago may have changed several times as new discoveries came along. Only God has ALL knowledge and therefore changes not (I am the LORD, I change not. ~Malachi 3:6). Neither does His Word change (The Lord Jesus said, "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my Words shall not pass away. ~Matthew 24:35).
Even though I sometimes enjoy others writings, if it doesn’t line up with the Word of God I discard it as human error. I choose to put my trust solely in God’s infallible Word. It has stood the test of time. It has never, legitimately, been found to be wrong or in error. Its ideas do not need to change as new information comes to light because it’s wisdom's are superior. No philosopher catches God by surprise. Thousands of prophecies have been fulfilled (actually the only book with fulfilled prophecies) and many scientific facts were stated in the Bible before ‘man’ even had the knowledge to understand them.
So, I must end with this verse -- It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man. ~Psalm 118:8
Thanks friend…I like answering questions that make me think. =)
May God bless you today over and above what you are able to receive! 

With Much Love,

The Princess Warrior

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