Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Beloved, God Cares

I do not know, I cannot always tell
The soul so troubled -- going through "hell",
The nights so long, the anguish so deep,
The hurt expressed from eyes that weep;

But this I know and surely can tell
There's One who helps us in our "hell".
He knows the pain -- the agony of soul,
And from our trouble, He can mold
A soul content to do His will
And in trouble, follow Him still
Till at last one day in His Glory
He'll reveal "the rest of the story."

So follow Christ, O Child of Light:
One day there will be no dark night.
Love Him, trust Him, serve Him in all
For one day you'll see Him when He calls
His dear ones home -- His home to share
He'll prove to you then He has ever cared
For His suffering children in their time of need
Oh, He cares, yes, yes, He cares indeed!

by Mrs. Dorothy Adams (1994), my senior pastor's wife

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  1. Enjoyed the poem, and the reality of how a soul can cry out. The knowing that God is in control still. That their is an end in sight-which is Jesus.

  2. Amen to that, Ruby! This poem was written by my Senior Pastor's wife, Dorothy Adams, back in 1994. If anyone knows a personal hell it is her. Her only son was murdered when he was 19 years old. I cannot even imagine the torment of soul of a parent who loses a child, much less in this manner.


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