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The following is something I posted on Facebook in April of this year. I had meant to include it on this blog, but I got sidetracked with other things and failed to post it. This blog may reach people that are not friends with me on Facebook and I feel that God should get as much glory out of this as I can possibly give and within my power. For He is worthy!!

So, here was my true story......

On Wednesday of this week, at about 4 p.m., I was feeling pretty bad, so I thought maybe if I lay down and got a little shut-eye then I would feel better. As I lay there, I tossed and turned, and even though I was tired, I couldn’t go to sleep. Just as I turned on my right side toward my bedroom door, a memory flashed before me. A memory of my daughter at the age of about 6 or 7 -- running into my bedroom and saying, “Get up mama! Are you gonna sleep all day?” (I was a 3rd shift worker once upon a time.) This memory seemed sooooo real. I was immediately overcome with emotion and got back up.

When my husband walked into the living room he saw me in tears and asked what was wrong. I told him that I was overcome with emotion and that I thought it had to do with not having my children near me anymore, but for whatever reason, my focus was on Lindsay. I even pulled out all her old school pictures, vacation pictures, etc. and as I sat there going through each one I prayed for her salvation, and I prayed for her safety. I just felt compelled to do this. It was hard to shake the extreme emotion I was feeling.

A few hours later I got back on Facebook and my heart stopped. I saw my daughter’s status -- she and her husband had been in a car accident. They had just bought a Jeep at 4 p.m. and were in an accident around 6 p.m. They slammed into a car that ran out in front of them. The other car was totaled.

As I looked at the photos she had posted I couldn’t help but see the major difference in the damage to both vehicles. The other car “looked” like a totaled vehicle, but her Jeep only had a bent bumper. It really didn’t dawn on me at first that during that same time period I had been praying for her safety, but when it did, a wave of holy goosebumps came over me and I felt weak. I cried out to God and thanked Him for the power of the Holy Spirit prompting me to pray and for hearing my plea! My daughter could have been hurled out into eternity – lost! I shuddered at the thought!

Now, some may call this coincidental, but “I know” there are no coincidences with God. He is very much in control of every single moment in time. I have been praying for my daughter’s salvation for a long time and most recently I had grown weary and I had asked God if He had been hearing my pleas. On Wednesday, He confirmed that He had!

So, Lord I want to THANK YOU! Thank you for not thinking that I am so insignificant that You would not stop Your work of controlling all of creation, for just one moment, to answer the prayers of your child. God, I feel so unworthy of such love, but I’m grateful and it is times like these that make me love You even more. Hallelujah! What a Savior!
To give God further glory, I am attaching a picture of my daughter’s Jeep and then I will post a picture of the other vehicle. God bless you for reading this testimony. I pray it will spur you on to keep praying for a lost loved one. Don’t give up! God is not willing that any should perish.

~The Princess Warrior

P.S. I haven’t told my daughter about this yet, but I’m going to. I just saw where she is giving all the credit to the Jeep. I’m about to burst her bubble. Pray that what I tell her will sink in. Thanks. =)



(Notice that this vehicle was hit so hard that the right rear tire flew off!)


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