Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We All Have a Back-Story

This was something I wrote to a friend about a week or so ago. The Lord has prompted me to share this with you as well. I hope it will be a help to you:

Preaching to myself -- It takes a supernatural power to love those who seem to be unlovable and that ability only comes from God. It is instilled in us at the very moment the Holy Spirit indwells us. It is our responsibility to cultivate that love for others through studying the life of Christ and how He interacted with others, making a choice to forgive 70x7, but most importantly, always remembering where we came from and what we were when Jesus found us.

We all have a back-story. When we meet a person on the street and they act out a certain way we may never know what that person has been through to cause them to act like that. We think we know how we would handle their situation, but we really have no idea until we have walked a mile in their shoes.

When we witness to these people, who may not have a church background at all (like my whole family growing up) or a person who may have gone to church at one time and was hurt by people who professed to love God, we have to empty ourselves out along with all our preconceived notions and be filled with the Spirit of the God who IS love. While telling them there is a hell to shun we must do it through humility and our tear-filled eyes knowing that if it had not been for the grace of God we would have the same fate. There is NO righteousness in us apart from the blood of Christ.

When it comes down to it, Satan is the ultimate enemy, not each other. He is working overtime because He knows his time is drawing near and at times I get desperate for my child’s salvation knowing the Lord’s return may be soon.  Because I pray for her salvation often it makes me more mindful of hell and its awful realities. Since I pray for her daily it is on my mind daily. I don’t really tell anyone this, but I have a great desire to witness and I often go onto online forums to witness to atheists because of this mindfulness of hell. They are very hard-hearted and curse others who come at them in an angry tone and I can tell they have closed that person off, but they respond to me with respect when I show them respect and love and treat them like people. I have found that at some point in time these people were hurt by “the self-righteous religious” or they simply want to live their lives with no consequences and they have convinced themselves there is no one to answer to. They have traded the Truth for a lie. 

I banter with them using scientific facts, common sense, The Way of the Master technique, and of course God’s Word, but I do it with a heart of love and concern for their souls. They open their ears to me when I use these tools which in turn prepare the way for the Holy Spirit to plant a seed. To be honest I could probably teach a class on this and maybe through the prayers of God’s people, like you and others, I can get well and do just that one day. I may not know the reason God has allowed me to go through what I have, but I know that it has changed me and that was most likely His purpose all along. 

May God bless you today over and above what you are able to receive! 

Much Love, 

The Princess Warrior 

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