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Life is Precious!

I posted the picture shown below on Facebook yesterday. I felt it asked a very thought provoking and valid question. But, of course there will always be opposition to this kind of question and arguments between those who are Pro-Life and those who are Pro-Choice.

I am posting the following conversation, purely as an example of witnessing to strangers and even friends and family who stand against God's standards concerning life at conception and even the preciousness of all life. It is for you to glean information and use as you see fit to use in future witnessing opportunities. I will probably even come back to this post periodically to add more information as God leads so you may want to go ahead and bookmark this page so that you can come back to it to see if I have posted anything new.

God expects us to always be ready with an answer. The only way we can do that is to study, study, study...God's Word and also the writings of others who teach how to be an effective witness. We also gain knowledge when we put ourselves out there as a witness. When people oppose God and our statements, it causes us to dig a little deeper to provide an answer and to be more prepared the next time. No one starts out as a great witness for God. It takes time, patience, and maturity. There will never be any growth in this area of witnessing if we don't get started. 

You will know when you are reaching some sibilance of maturity when comments like these no longer causes you anger, but instead, you feel the pain of compassion for a person who is still in darkness. And our witnessing must always be done in love. The person, even though they may not admit it, must sense the love of Christ in our hearts and our concern for them as a person. We must remember that we too once walked in darkness and only by the grace of God were we brought into the light.

So, without further delay, here is the question that was posed and the conversation that followed:

Family Member: A very valid point I must admit. However I'd have to say in rebuttal that its because that single cell on a planet would be self sustaining and capable of life on its own whereas the single cell in a womb is symbiotic and sometimes parasitic and incapable of life without its host.

The Princess Warrior: Well, let me say that I am having a Fred Sanford moment, “Elizabeth, honey, I’m coming to join ya!” LOL! As long as I’ve known you I’ve never gotten a comment on one of my statuses so this is a pleasant surprise. Please know that I am just messin’ with ya! =) AND know that anything I say here is said in love. I always want what’s best for you.

First, I want to make it known that the first part of the statement was to make a very important comparison. No actual life form has ever been found on any planet, except for earth.

Second, concerning your “rebuttal”, I am in training to be a crisis pregnancy counselor, so I am no stranger to your way of thinking. But, needless to say, I am actually shocked at your response, but then again it makes sense. Let me explain…

I’m shocked because I know your dear wife wants to have children and I assume you do too. I can only assume because I really don’t know because I haven’t talked to you about it. But, anyway, at the very moment she causes that stick to turn blue she is going to jump up and down and exclaim, “Honey, we’re having a baby!!” From experience, I know that she will instinctively start cupping her hand around a belly that isn’t even there yet. There will be a great desire to protect that little blob…but, it’s not really a blob of tissue as abortion clinics would have young girls who are ignorant about their own bodies to believe. Check this out…here are some things you may not know about the beginnings of a brand new human life:

  • Everything that determines the individuality and originality of a person is established at conception. The first single cell contains the entire genetic blueprint in all its complexity. 
  • When your egg is fertilized, your baby's gender is determined. 
  • The heart starts beating between 10 and 20 days.
  • Electrical brainwaves have been recorded at 43 days on an EEG. If the absence of a brainwave indicates death, why will pro-abortionists not accept that the presence of a brainwave is a confirmation of life?
  • The brain and all body systems are present by 8 weeks and functioning a month later.
  • At 8 weeks, the baby will wake and sleep, make a fist, suck his thumb, and get hiccups.
  • At the end of 9 weeks, the baby has his own unique finger prints.
  • At 11-12 weeks, the baby is sensitive to heat, touch, light and noise. All body systems are working. He weighs about 28g and is 6-7.5 cm long.
  • He or she is fully developed BEFORE his mother's pregnancy is even noticeable.

I have seen with my own eyes...that what you call “it” depends on whether you want the baby or not. If it is wanted, from the moment of conception it is a precious child that is waited on in great anticipation. New moms buy baby books and are thrilled to see photos of babies at different stages so they can know what their own baby looks like at every stage. They talk to the baby and sing to it. And seeing your little “blob” for the very first time on an ultrasound machine is an amazing thing and has changed the mindset of many an abortion-minded woman who was told that the baby growing inside them was just a blob of tissue.  

And you know what? I’ve never heard one woman who wants a child say, “Oh joy! We’re having a parasite or blob of tissue!” No, it's, "We're having a baby!" But, if it is unwanted I can understand why a woman would try to look at it from that perspective because: 

  1. Its very presence is a symbol of sucking the life out of her plans that did not include a child.
  2. Telling herself it is just a blob of tissue makes taking its life a little more bearable. 
Yet, there have been many women who have had to seek out help through post-abortion counseling because that little blob was more precious than they realized. And many of these women didn’t have a Christian background, but they did have a God-given conscience and deep down they knew they allowed their “baby”, not a blob, to be murdered. They knew it was absolutely wrong because the mother’s womb is supposed to be the safest place on earth for a growing new life and the maternal instinct to protect their child was temporarily stifled, but it came back like a roaring flood...too late.

And let’s not forget miscarriages. The mother, and sometimes, the father can get very depressed and feel great anguish over the loss of a “few cells”. But, it wasn’t just a cell to them, it was their child. Sometimes a woman will even rock herself in a chair just like rocking a baby because the presence of that child is no longer with her, but she just can’t accept it. A blob of non-living tissue cannot affect a woman to that magnitude.

I knew that I was pregnant with my daughter and son even before I did a pregnancy test. I knew that something precious was going on inside me and then my body started going through changes to help sustain this new life. And you know what? Even a baby outside the womb cannot sustain life without its “host”. It is completely dependent. The mother’s body fed it while it was in the womb and the mother has to feed it after it is born or it will die. Does it make any difference how or at what stage it is nourished?
Is it any less alive? Is it any less human? The newborn cannot sustain life without intervention. Is it still considered symbiotic and sometimes parasitic? If so, why not? What makes the difference?

Now here is the part that DOES NOT shock me about your statement. You have made it clear that you do not believe in God, or at least the same God I believe in, and you do not believe in God’s Word. Without God there is no true meaning to life and without meaning, life is not truly precious. Without God, there is no purpose for being here, and it all ends at death. There is nothing special or unique about anyone because each person is just a random occurrence…an insignificant drop of water in the ocean of eternity. You eat, you sleep, you die. End of story.

It makes me sad just reading that, but what causes me even greater sadness is the lengths a person will go to, to keep God “out” of their life. They fill their minds full of violence through video games and TV so they will not be reminded of the good things of God. They surround themselves with like-minded people. They will read countless books and articles of written by other people who are like-minded. People who have gone to great extremes to try and prove that a God they do not believe in does not exist and they seem to detest those who do believe…even when that belief has shown a great change in that person for the better.

I agree with the gentleman’s statement that was made on your status the other day – denying God is not a matter of intellect; it is a matter of the heart. Many “non-believers” I’ve come across at one time claimed to believe in God, but then a tragedy happened, or a Christian or Christians hurt them very deeply, and because of their lack of knowledge of God’s character and ways they blame Him OR a person wants to do what they want to do and become so prideful that the thought of anyone telling them what to do is just too much. But as long as we are alive, “someone” will have authority over us. You can tolerate that mean boss telling you what to do, or that police officer telling you to slow down, but not God. Why? He is the “only” Authority who wants to have a loving relationship with you – a Father/son relationship. The only Authority who wants His best for you. The only Authority who laid down His life for you. Because of pride, many have missed out on the most fulfilling relationship they can ever know. But, I keep praying that you will one day lay down your pride and see what you’ve been missing. The signs of the end times are all around. Hundreds of prophecies have been fulfilled and there is one that is next in line…Christ’s return. I feel that we don’t have much time left. I hope you get into the ark of safety. I love you and am concerned for you! I pray you will take these words to heart!! God bless you!

May this post be a help to you in your own witnessing endeavors or even encourage you to get started...for the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. 

May God bless you today over and above what you are able to receive! 

For His Glory, 

The Princess Warrior 

P.S. I will also come back here and post scripture as well, but I wanted to go ahead and get this out there. Time is drawing short and Christ could come any minute. We must reach all we can while we, stayed tuned. =)

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