Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stand Still, The Lord Shall Fight for You

I was going back through some of my older posts and wanted to share with you a comment on a particular article I wrote and my response. There are no coincidences with God...there must be someone out there who needs to hear this today. 

But, here is the rest of the story...when the comment was originally made I could not reply to the person due to a weird Blogger problem with that particular post. I kept trying for a long time. Today, it let me. So, if you are reading this and you are the one who made the comment, please accept my sincerest apology. Since it was done anonymously I had no way of contacting you. I pray that God will bring you back for the reply, but most of all I pray that you have had victory!!

Anyway, the original post was entitled: Sometimes, God’s Warrior’s Cry 

It can be found at:

Anonymous: Thank you, I needed this. I noticed the date that you posted this was March 14, 2012. That was the day my sword shattered and one more battle became more than I can handle. After 40 years of spiritual warfare, I was curled in a ball screaming and sobbing. The battle I had been in had taken such a toll on me that I barely could speak, let alone take a step. I'm an incredibly strong woman and I shattered in to a thousand pieces along with my sword.

The battle that nearly ended me, was one to protect members of my immediate family. I had no back up that time. I had no one to help me. The one who normally was my back up is the one who was the target of the attack, and had been for a while. Suffice it to say, I'm down for the count and out of the picture for now.

However this spoke to me. Thank you. Blessings!

The Princess Warrior: Dear Anonymous, I have been trying to reply to this message, but it wouldn't let me for some reason. I came back here today to try one more time. Friend, I can tell you I have been where you are and can say that I am still day at a time. When the battles get too strong for us and causes us to fall it is because we did battle in our own strength. There is no way that we will grow weary if we are letting God fight for us. He is more than able to handle our problems. Yes...I am speaking from experience.

Some of us are born this way and have certain personality traits and others develop this way due to life circumstances...we become self-reliant...doing everything in our own strength. The more we do it the harder it is to let go and let God. It's a control issue. There is fear involved. Fear of relinquishing our lives and our circumstances to anyone's self-preservation. This is a common characteristic of someone who has experienced deep hurt and/or rejection. We want to control everything so that we won't feel that pain ever again, but because we don't hand it over to God and let Him take the brunt of our situations we open ourselves up to even more hurt and pain. We are not capable of doing what God can do and we can't bear what God can bear.

Please do not look at this as the end of being a warrior for Christ...accept it as a period of rest and restoration...a time to look within examine your heart as Paul admonishes, to see if you are in the ask God to reveal anything within that needs to be dealt with and ask for His help in letting go of the need for control and to trust Him with everything you were not meant to handle. If we can trust God to save our sinful soul from hell we must also trust Him to guide us and fight for us...every day!

God knows our frame. He did not create man to experience anxiety, depression, anger, loneliness, know, all the harmful emotions. Through the fall of man they have become a part of us, but we can't handle those emotions alone. We MUST let God do His part. He tells us that His burden is light. In Him we can have joy during tribulations, peace during turmoil and confidence during times of uncertainty, but it will only be through Him.

Hear what Moses said to the children of Israel: "And Moses said unto the people, Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which he will shew to you to day: for the Egyptians whom ye have seen to day, ye shall see them again no more for ever. The Lord shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace." ~Exodus 14:13-14

STAND STILL my friend! Let the Lord fight for you!! God bless you! I'm praying for you! ~TPW ♔ 

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