Monday, April 29, 2013

A Note To All My Dear Friends!

Here is why I haven't been blogging very much. Hope to get back at it very soon!

Wanted to share something with you.....

Some of you may know, but I wanted to let the rest of you in on what's been going on with me. I have been VERY sick for months...since last October. I've had severe respiratory issues, pain from coughing 24/7, headaches, stomach upset, severe fatigue, etc. All of this on top of my other health issues. Well, I've finally figured out what is wrong with me. I know from past experience that I am highly allergic to formaldehyde. All the new laminate flooring that my husband put down in our home is full of it. It has been off-gassing and making me sicker and sicker (also during this time I was exposed to black mold which did not help). It has not bothered my husband because he is not allergic (although, it may have contributed to extra allergy symptoms). I worked in a building once that had extremely low levels, but it effected me every day when I went to work. No one else had the problem but me. They had to do testing and everything. That's how I know I'm allergic.

I got sickly when my husband put the flooring down in the den a year ago and now I am even sicker from what was put down in the living/dining room (was cheaper and from a different manufacturer).

We cannot afford to redo our floors (and he pulled up the carpet to help with my allergies...go figure). A HEPA air purifier capable of filtering formaldehyde would cost $1000+. I need to open all the windows and set up fans, but the pollen count outdoors has been high lately. A sealer exists for the floors, but easily flakes on laminate floors when you mop them.

Jim (my husband) and I have been making calls and scouring the internet for info. So far, the only thing we have come up with is plants. Yes, plants! NASA did a study on air quality for astronauts. They tested for 3 chemicals, one being formaldehyde. There are about 8 plants that do a good job of filtering formaldehyde. The study said that these plants could filter the air by 87% in a 24 hour time period. They suggest you buy a variety of these plants and place about 15 plants throughout a 2000 sq. ft. or less home.

Here's the kicker....the day before yesterday we went to Walmart and bought as many of these species we could find. Today, I am coughing half as much (my lungs are still irritated, don't know how long it will take for that to clear up), and I have a little extra energy. It could be the placebo effect or this is really working...time will tell. All this makes sense though because all the plants and trees outside do the same thing. If they did not exist we would be overcome and die from chemicals and carbon dioxide poisoning. God sure is smart! =)

Please pray that this will work! God bless you my friends! I hope you have a good day!!

For His Glory, 

The Princess Warrior 

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