Friday, April 12, 2013

Why God Allows Bad Things To Happen

We may often wonder why God allows bad things to happen. Well, it is not in our time of ease and plenty that we seek God. For people, it always has been and always will be in the hard times that we seek the face of our Creator. 

Remember 9/11? When tragedy befell our nation, people flocked to the churches. They locked arm in arm and prayed together…some for the very first time. But just as in times past, when the dust had settled, we moved on with our lives. Once again we allowed a false sense of security to set in. Once again, we no longer needed God.

Don’t we all continue this pattern in our daily lives, even as believers? When things are going great we take God for granted. Like little children, we run off to play and do our own thing, not thinking twice about our Heavenly Father…but then we fall down and get hurt, and once again we go running back to the One who can fix all our troubles.

If we stayed with Him always, if we held onto His hand, would we not go only where he led? Would we not be constantly upheld so there would be no occasion to stumble? But, we do not…that is why He calls us little children. We have very short attention spans and it takes learning something over and over before it sticks. 

But, He knows our frame, for He created us. He is always ready to take us back into His arms. Just like a good Father, He will allow us to make our mistakes, and we may even have to suffer their consequences, but He is always there…working things out for our good. And HE IS our good. He is what we need! As little children, we just don't always see it.

But, glory to God! One day, in that kingdom far away, we will be all grown up…and Christ will appoint us as priests and kings. No more, will we roam from His presence…no more, will we have painful lessons to learn. Finally, we will be like Him. Finally, we will understand…and we will know that every pain, every trouble, and every trial was worth it all, for they brought us back to Him! 

For His Glory, 

The Princess Warrior

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